I know where Dixon of Dock Green is.

November 7th, 2008 § 0 comments

Compare these two:

1. A couple of mountian bikes get knicked from the garden of a family who were killed in a road accident. Although it could be called callous, it is a non-violent, non-confrontational crime. There is no little boy coming out of his house in the morning expecting to get on his bike and being disappointed. It is effectively a victimless crime.*

2. A couple of blokes knocking on doors in the evening pretending to be from an energy company that does not operate in the area, so has no sales people or customers in the location, trying to work there way into peoples houses, for what, I don’t know. It could be a distraction robbery it could be for some sort of assault. Either way there will be a victim that will feel violated, intimidated, or at worst physically abused and will be feeling the consequences of this for a very long time.

Put the following Police response to the correct scenario (they are not exact quotes as that would give the game away):

a. They’re [the Police] are keeping an eye out
b. I am disgusted that this has happened and promise to bring the persons responsible to justice

How did you do?

I wish the police round here had as much enthusiam

*I realise that this sound cold and unfeeling, I do not mean it in a ‘so what’ kind of way. But what is felt is disgust that someone would try to benefit from this families awful situation, not because some horrible person has taken a little boys’ bike.

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