Petrol Prices

November 25th, 2008 § 2 comments

The changes are designed to be neutral, but calculations by show that there will be a slight increase at the pumps of 0.4p a litre, or 20p per average 50 litre tank of unleaded when the changes come into effect on December 1st. The fact that fuel prices will increase at all is contrary to the message from the Chancellor that the changes will be revenue neutral.

I thought that all these revenue changes were meant to stimulate the economy, to help minimise the effect of a recession.
If so, what the fuck is the point in them being neutral?

They’re not neutral, it’s just sleight of hand.

§ 2 Responses to Petrol Prices"

  • Dungeekin says:

    Of course it’s sleight-of-hand!

    This Chancellor (and let’s be honest, Captain Darling’s just a sockpuppet, the decisions are being made by the same lying scumbag as for the last eleven years) is such a master of that sort of legerdemain he could give Paul Daniels a run at close-up magic.

    As I see it, he’s reduced VAT on items that nobody has the cash to buy, and ensured that he makes MORE out of the stuff we can’t go without (fuel) and on the stuff we want to get through the bad times (booze).

    And they will stay higher even when the VAT rate returns to normal.

    Just hand over your wallet, or have your entire salary paid direct to the Goonvernment.


  • Sim-O says:

    Sounds like the sneaky type of thing a senior politician would do, squeeze money out of you while smilingly tell you they are leaving more in you pocket.

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