What would you do?

November 18th, 2008 § 0 comments

If you came across this list of BNP activists, what would you do?

It would be bloody tempting to publish it, reveal the bastards to the world. Let the everyone see who is a fascist git.
But, someone is bound to take it too far and not stop at ostracisation and start with the physical stuff.

And that someone is bound to be a dim twat that gets the wrong person.

Matt Wardman:

Implications for the Database State

The BNP has strong encryption systems in place, as noted months ago by the Spy Blog. This membership list leaked due to human failure (betrayal – we are told).

Is that not another nail in the coffin of allegedly secure national databases by demonstrating a different failure mode for a database that *is* “secure”? The only answer is to keep as many of them as possible small to minimise the scale of the statistically inevitable failures, and hence increase the resilience of the system.

A Prototype for Attitudes to the Sexual Offenders Register?

Is this a good analog for what will happen when names from the Sex Offenders Register are parcelled out on demand as proposed in future – a widely reviled group published on a potentially unreliable database?

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