A fitting tribute to Universal Human Rights

December 11th, 2008 § 3 comments


The President of the United Nations General Assembly tried to prevent Israel’s ambassador, Professor Gabriela Shalev, from speaking at a special commemorative plenary session marking 60 years since the UN adopted and proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, scheduled for Wednesday.

The General Assembly President, Miguel d’Escoto Brockmann, tried to cancel speeches that were to be given by representatives of the unofficial regional group known as “Western European and others,” after he learned that Israel’s ambassador was to represent the group as its rotating chairman.

*Applauds Mr Brockmann* Ooh, hang on. What does it mean ‘tried’?

However, European representatives rejected the motion to cancel the meeting, and voiced outrage at his attempt to prevent the address.

Oh, so the Europeans are ok with a representative of a country that has continously flouted human rights, and in fact its’ very existence is predicated on the abuse of those rights, to speak at the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Once again, the Palestinians are shown to be sub-human. Way to go Europe.


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  • Dungeekin says:

    Well said, Sim-O.

    Obviously we all know (and utterly condemn) the horrors of the Holocaust, but the actions that were performed upon the predecessors of the State of Israel now seems to preclude people from talking about the actions of Israel now.

    Wasn’t Irgun blowing stuff up in British Palestine?

    Isn’t the blocking of borders and the prevention of aid collective punishment?

    In fact, isn’t the compressing of millions of Palestinians into the West Bank or Gaza Strip horribly redolent of the compression of Jews into parts of Krakow and the like?

    Hmm. All the time their actions cannot be questioned for fear of accusations of denying The Holocaust – yet the blunt fact is that Israel shows they learned very well the lessons of that genocide. They learned how to use similar acts on others THEY consider to be ‘untermensch’.


  • Sim-O says:

    Isreal relies on people confusing Jews and Zionists, which then enables any criticism to be shut down as anti-semitism.

  • Oops, i have JUST found this site – too a wrong turn on the way to the loo!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
    (DEFO joke of the day)

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