C’mon, let’s have some consistency, please

December 18th, 2008 § 0 comments


The government has held talks with Jaguar Land Rover over the possibility of state aid for the carmaker, Business Secretary Lord Mandelson has confirmed.

He said no decision had yet been made – as it was too early to tell if any car firm needed help – and that ministers did not have “an open chequebook”.

What?! Colour me stupid, but isn’t Jaguar Land Rover Indian now?
I’m as idiotic patriotic as the next bloke and would hate the idea of two of the most iconic British names to be relegated to the pages of history, or at least one of those ‘Worlds Greatest Cars’ books that turn up at Christmas.
I sort of understand the reasoning behind bailing out helping out the banks, what with them being such an integral part of the economy that when these private institutions get it wrong and don’t make any money to trickle down to the ordinary public, the ordinary public have to chip in and keep things going.
And I sort of understood why Woolworths got shown the middle. After all, it is a private company and we wouldn’t want to distort the market now, would we?
So why is cunty-chops* talking state aid with a foreign company to keep 15,000 employees in work making stuff that very few people will be able to afford (new, at least), but fucks off a British company that is selling stuff that is out of reach of only the most desperate of people and putting twice as many people on the rock ‘n’ roll?

Tim Almond: Jaguar Bailout

*Sorry for the swear, but he is, isn’t he?

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