Pees and queues

December 27th, 2008 § 0 comments

I just got back from the Next sale in Luton with Mrs -O. What a horrible experience. And that’s not even taking into consideration the rampant consumerism.

We were there an hour and got bumped about. unintentionally I will admit, but only three people said sorry, or excused themselves before pushing past. Ignorant fucks.
What does it take to just murmer one or two words instead of standing expectantly close behind me in the hope that I will telepathically know that they want to get past. How about a bit of a warning with the words ‘excuse me’ before bouncing me out the way? I don’t expect a full on apology, but at least an acknowledgement that I’m here and they’ve tried to stand in the same place as me at the same time.

But the things that really pisses me off is the queue. Why do other people have to stand so close that the coat hangars they are carrying poke me in the back? They’re bags on the floor, why do they have to push them forward so they keep hitting the back of my legs? Just back off a bit, eh?

Let’s all give each other a bit of room and curtesy. It doesn’t cost anything and it might stop stop someone ruining your day.

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