Spare some change, guv?

December 3rd, 2008 § 0 comments

Alex Hilton is in the shit and asking for help.

I sold Labourhome in July, though I still run it and with no interference from the new owner.

However, last year, someone started a defamation action against me over a Labourhome article and the expenses are bourne by me, they were not transferred to Progressive Media, the new owner.

So far this legal case has cost me £4,022 and it is still on-going. This is my plea to Labourhome readers for contributions towards my legal costs.

Harrys’ Place:

What you can do – and what I am doing – is giving some money to Alex. He’d do the same for us, if we were in the same boat.

This is a matter of principle.

No he wouldn’t (that’s just one example and didn’t even involve giving money) so fuck him. And I’m skint.

Although I do think that it is a bit off not accepting the offer of the right of reply.

Dave Osler (also being sued by this person):

It’s not time to launch a ‘Free the Osler One’ campaign just yet. I am mounting a defence of justification and fair comment, and like Alex, I am confident of victory.


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