C’mon, stop messing about

January 5th, 2009 § 0 comments

Here’s a thought, following what I know of Zionist logic. Just indulge me a little, would you?

Most people in Gaza supports Hamas, which makes them terrorists. Because terrorist Hamas supporters own homes and run schools, hospitals, the powerstation, police stations and other instruments of public order and civic life, all those institutions are run by the terrorists specifically for the terrorists to hide in and around.
This, of course, makes them and every other Gazan fair game for the Israeli military machine.

So instead of messing about dropping little bombs over Gaza and now sending in ground troops, in retailition for those unaimable fireworks being lobbed over the border, how about Israel just nuke the place*?

It’s not like they’re not killing children already and apparently they don’t want the land, just the rockets to stop being fired at them. Raizing the place would stop the physcal war in an instant leaving the Zionist clear to concentrate all their efforts on the propaganda war, which is what they’re best at.

Surely it’s the best for everyone. The civilised half of civilisation gets all it’s angst out the way in one big burst, mimicking the way the actual residents of Gaza disappear, rather than a long drawn out wail. Egypt gets the chance to be good Arab brothers again, as the memory of what’s seen by some as the betrayal of the Palestinians is slowly forgotten and as the West Bank is not on Egypts border, what can it do? Israel gets nearer it’s goal of eliminating the Palestinians, because jeez, they don’t give up do they? 60 years and still bitter. You’d have thought they’d’ve got bored by now.

As a bonus it would scare them fuckers quiet in the west bank too, wouldn’t it, eh?

* I know Israel doesn’t have any nukes. *Ahem*

/Disclaimer: this post is tongue in cheek. i know it’s not funny, but then I ain’t a comedian/

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