Labourlists’ laywers

January 13th, 2009 § 0 comments

Anyone. It could’ve been anyone but them!

Labours propaganda outlet, labourlist has recruited the slimey shits Shillings to watch their back in the comments.

Manic has spotted it and seen a remarkable similarity in the accountability of the site to some more erm, prominent, bloggers.:

Now Draper is insisting that he is not accountable to me. So he accepts comments, but refuses accountability – and here I will remind you again that he learned what little he knows by watching Dale and Staines in action. Nowhere is this influence more obvious than in his stated policy that those who are unhappy about this state of affairs should essentially ‘get their own blogs’ and make their case there. In other words, if you’re not happy that your question was refused or shouted down at a public meeting, you’re invited to go outside and hold your own meeting. Nice.

Actually, they’re made for each other, Labour and Schillings. They’re both information and image control freaks in the pay of the capitalist classe

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