No-one believes the Sun

January 20th, 2009 § 0 comments

If someone told you a lie, to try and wind you up or manipulate them, you wouldn’t be happy, would you? You’d tell them to bugger off.

If someone asked you why you had someone as a mate when all that mate did was chat shit and try and get you into fights and you replied that, it’s ok, no one believes what they say. You would be laughed at.

So why do people buy a newspaper, when to justify or counter the question of why they buy it, they respond, ‘no-one believes the Sun’ or ‘everyone knows it’s not true’?

If you know it’s full of lies or not true, why buy it?

Oh yes, the football and the racing. Fair enough, but then why not miss out all the bile, hate , contradictions and lies and just buy Shoot* or Racing Post?

If you like fictional stories, go to the library. It’d be cheaper and the stories will be better written too.

The line ‘no-one believes the Sun’ is a lie itself. Because the people behind these news agencies do.

*not being into the girly game of football, I couldn’t think of another footy publication so Shoot might not be the best example of a serious football news resource.

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