Watch out! He’s got a pen!

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The Sun

FEARS grew last night that hate-filled Islamic extremists are drawing up a “hit list” of Britain’s leading Jews — bringing the Middle East conflict terrifyingly close to home.

And what are they going to be hit with?
Asalamalykum, it seems that the time is right to compile a list of british people who support Israel

I read this post
“The names and addresses of Wealthy Zionist Jews can be found in the lists of sponsors and contributors of Zionist Charities. The names and addresses of Company Directors that work for Military Industrial Companies that support these tyrannical regimes can be found in publication like Dunn and Bradstreet”

It would be beneficial to start compiling a list so that we can write polite letters reminding them of the injustices of israel and to stop supporting israel
FFS. Hardly a call to arms is it? Polite letters.

The thread is pretty much this Saladin1970 guy, who starts off just posting a couple of links to where those names can be found and later on a couple of names from those lists, no actual addresses or phone number though and then some muslim/anti-Israel organisations/people to write, to put pressure on the pro-Israel organistions they deal with through divestment and other means.
So. So far Saladin1970 has tried to instigate a polite letter writing campaign. I’m quaking in my fucking boots.

Meanwhile. Up pops another member of the forum, Abuislam

Have we got list of top jews and supporters yet we can target? can someone start posting names and addresses

Some ones eager. Isn’t that what Saladin1970 has been doing, albeit without the addresses. I imagine finding some ones address is not particularly hard but may take a little more effort than just firing a name into Google.
Saladin1970 replies


the simple way i did it was to go through each of those on the list

,it will give the work they do or the organisation they own, and you will be able to find the contact details.

The best thing to do is not to contact them directly. But identify a muslim organisation who works in that field or in that area and convince them to act to marganilze the zionists activity

So here are a few that i dug up the details for already with suggestions on what muslim organisation to contact.

will start it on a new page

C’mon Abuislam, Saladin1970 is doing his best, you have a look.

After a few more post with details of mMuslim organisations, but no actual names, well known or not, Abiislam finds a some prominent Jews

Sir Alan Sugar

Alan Howard

David Miliband

And now that there are prominent Jews/Jewish supporters names in the thread a journalist called Richard Tims has his money shot. Although we have only the forums moderators for that. His name doesn’t come up readily and is not listed on the NUJ freelance directory

This is the Thread which triggered the Headline in The Sun News Paper Today

I can confirm that the User “AbuIslam” who is posing as a Muslim on this forum is infact a freelance Journalist by the name of “Richard Tims” who registered on this forum to twist what the original Intent of this thread was for and to make Muslims look bad.

Abuislam Deliberated added comments on this thread which made is as if this thread was intended to cause harm to names that were mentioned

This has been confirmed from his IP address and Email addresses* has he used on this forum and previous usernames

But where did the other names in the Suns’ piece come from, Amy Winehouse, Mark Ronson, and Anthony Julius? They aren’t mentioned in the thread at all.
Details, mere details, eh? Well, they got to make sure we’re scared of the Muslims.

More by obsolete @ The Sun Lies

*let me guess –

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