Chavez the Dictator

February 17th, 2009 § 2 comments

The Daily Dish

Yesterday, Hugo Chavez abolished term limits in Venezuela paving the way for life-long rule.

What the fuck is it with these fucking people? Why the fuck does everyone keep calling him afucking dictator?

Chavez has been elected and re-elected and had his decisions comfirmed with fuck loads of referenda (or whatever the plural is), so why is changing the law to allow him to stand for re-election a third time a ‘power grab’?

It is no different to our system. Theoretically, if she hadn’t gone batshit mental we could’ve still have had Maggie Thatcher as Prime Minister.

When he loses an election and still becomes President, like Monkey-boy Bush, then you can call him a power-grabbing dictator.


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