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February 9th, 2009 § 2 comments

I read a piece in Asian Voice at the weekend. It was sharing page 2 with Keith Vaz.

It reads…

What is a life worth?

Readers will remember that in the aftermath of the terrorist attack on Mumbai, our Kapil Dudakia in ‘Kapil’s Khichadi’ had discussed how our MPs had voted on the Mumbai EDM. Below is a comparison between EDM37 (Mumbai) and EDM585 (Gaza). It does make for some interesting reading

and the little box they have shows exactly that…


The piece itself asks why so few MPs found the time to sign the EDM on Mumbai but did the one on Gaza.

The reasons why could be anything, from simply the Israel/Palestine issue being fashionable, or the ‘Israel lobby’ doing it’s thing to Mumbai being attacked by individual. A group consisting of, basically, criminals, not as in the case with Gaza, a nation state demolishing anothers territory.

The piece continues…

Interestingly the so called self proclaimed champion of the victims of war, George Galloway of ‘RESPECT’ Party failed to sign up to the Mumbai EDM. Even more interestingly he found the time to rush and sign the Gaza EDM. For a party called ‘RESPECT’ it certainly does appear to show any support or respect for the victims of Mumbai. Maybe this says a lot about Mr Galloway, his politics and his perception of right and wrong! So what does all this prove?

It proves nothing. If the wording of the EDMs had been printed would’ve shown…

EDM 37


Vara, Shailesh

That this House unreservedly condemns the terrorist outrage in Mumbai; offers its sympathies and condolences to the victims and families of victims of the attacks; and expresses its support and solidarity for the government and people of India.

A good, worthy EDM. But it’s also the second on the Mumbai attacks.

The first is EDM 36


Gardiner, Barry

That this House expresses its outrage and disgust at the terrorist attacks on Mumbai; is appalled and deeply saddened by the suffering of so many victims and their families; sends its wholehearted solidarity to the people of Mumbai and India; notes with pride the support and succour provided by the Indian community in the UK; and urges the world’s greatest democracy to continue to stand as a beacon of peace and tolerance in the spirit of Mahatma Gandhi.

(That in my mind is an even better EDM, but then, that’s just me.)

Now, for the Asian Voice piece to carry, the EDM on Gaza would have similar wording. Wouldn’t it?

EDM 585


Burden, Richard

That this House is astonished by the refusal of the BBC and Sky to broadcast the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) Gaza Crisis Appeal; considers that the explanations given for this decision by BBC spokespersons are both unconvincing and incoherent; and draws attention to the fact that people wishing to obtain information about the Gaza appeal can contact the DEC by visiting

EDM 36 and 37 are condemning the attacks on Mumbai and EDM 585 is astonished at the refusal of the BBC to broadcast the DEC appeal. The EDMs are completely unrelated.

Maybe if the Mumbai EDMs had been about an appeal to help the victims that had been refused airtime or EDM 585, the ‘Gaza’ EDM, had been condemning Israel, or the Palestinians for that matter, then yes this piece would have some merit.

It doesn’t excuse or explain why so few MPs signed the Mumbai EDMs, but to compare it to EDM 585 like that smacks of jealousy at best, and at worst trying to imply racism of some kind.

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  • The Truth says:

    The person who has attempted to make a critique of the AV article has obviously not read it properly nor understood the message it is giving. Its purpose is NOT to compare the EDMs or their content – it is specifically to look at the behaviour of the MPs in the British Parliament.

    It also exposes George Galoway for what he really is – a man without any real principles. The EDM on Mumbai was very mild and it is impossible for anyone not wanting to sign it – yet he selected NOT to sign it – that tells all of us of the type of person he really is.

    Those who wish to comment on blogs like this – well maybe you really need to read and understand the articles first. Instead of congratulating AV for exposing these MPs, you have fallen down to the lowest common denominator by trying to play politicals with irrelevant information. If this makes you happy, carry on – but whilst you do that, these MPs continue to divide us and do what they want.

    • Sim-O says:

      The purpose may not be two compare the two EDMs, but to get to the point of the article you *have* to compare them. The article is presenting them in a way that implies they are similar, that they are equal apart from the geographical element of them. They are not.

      You cannot compare two different things and try to draw the conclusion which you are implying.MPs behaviour *is* going to be different. To be able to read anything into the behaviour of MPs, then EDM 408* would’ve been a better choice to compare against.

      For the record, I think that the amount of signatures on EDM 36 & 37 is abysmal.


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