On sentencing

March 11th, 2009 § 0 comments


A man jailed 27 years ago for murdering a barmaid could be released from prison after DNA evidence was reviewed.

Sean Hodgson, 57, is serving a life sentence for killing Teresa De Simone, 22. She was found strangled in her car in Southampton in December 1979.

The case has now been sent to appeal over claims tests on semen found at the scene prove it was not Hodgson’s DNA.

The BBC understands the Crown Prosecution Service will not contest the appeal on 18 March.

This guy has spent 27 years in prison, and now some DNA testing can, it is thought, prove that it wasn’t him that killed this girl. The fact that the CPS isn’t going to try to keep him in prison is a strong indicator that this man will be free and pronounced innocent.

So. Still want to bring back hanging?

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