Petition for an enquiry into Ian Tomlinsons’ death

April 9th, 2009 § 2 comments

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to launch a full enquiry into the circumstances of Ian Tomlinson’s death seperate to the IPCC investigation.

Due to the new evidence being shown in the press of the circumstances of Ian Tomlinson’s death we urge the Prime Minister to step in now to immediately bring the truth to light.

Go on then. What you waiting for?

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§ 2 Responses to Petition for an enquiry into Ian Tomlinsons’ death"

  • F. J. Gunn says:

    I won’t sign this petition.

    Whilst I agree with the sentiment the real issue for me is wider.

    What this story has done has highlighted the cosy relationship between the IPCC and police forces.

    It has shown how a spin machine within the Met sprang into motion to control the media.

    Without the video footage what would the end result be?

    What has this episode, coming off the back of Jean Charles de Menezes, done to public confidence in the police?

    Can we trust any press release from any police force ever again?

    I didn’t give a hoot about the cause of protest last Wednesday, total baloney to me, but now enough is enough, we need to defend our right to protest, our rights of free speech and our rights of privacy against an all powerful police and surveillance state.

    Essential reading from The Guardian:
    “How Metropolitan police tried to manage a death”

    – CCTV on every corner
    – Massive increase in “warantless” powers
    – Criminalisation of protesters
    – Total monitoring of the Internet
    – Soon be forced to own ID cards
    * or even carry, if Met Police get their way
    – Soon be forced to pre-register before leaving country
    * eBorders programme

    And all this with zero confidence of effective oversight of police powers:
    > Shambolic IPCC
    > Judiciary and coroners shackled (JCdM)
    > MPs arrested for revealing truth (Damian Green)

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