Another parliamentary thief

May 4th, 2009 § 0 comments

I haven’t seen the news much over the weekend so I don’t know what scandal has petered out or whos’ been caught doing who or what.

Apparently it’s James Purnell that’s been caught with his hand in the till.

The Welfare and Pensions Secretary has been claiming over two grand for his rent on a second home when it actually cost just under £1k.

I feel the same as The Devil about this…

I get tired of saying this, but this is plain, out-and-out fraud.

As the minister in charge of welfare benefits, Mr Purnell has spearheaded the Government’s crackdown on benefits cheats.

Many taxpayers will, therefore, be surprised to learn about the Minister’s own financial arrangements for claiming public money.

“Surprised”? “Outraged” might be a rather better word for it.

Nothing is going to change until some of these cunts are prosecuted for fraud: and, if found guilty, then they should be punished with the full weight of the law. If they are not, then it will be an explicit admission that these greedy fucks consider themselves above the law.

And that’s when the only road open to the taxpayers of Britain is the decoration of lamp-posts…

This is the sort of stuff the police should be investigating, not scaring people with life imprisonment for leaking embarassing government and party documents.

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