Arragant? Moi?

June 1st, 2009 § 0 comments

Not arragant? Not unwilling to listen? Doesn’t sound it to me…

“I’m the best person to clean up the political system,” he added.

Mr Brown said: “I think the cleaning up of the political system is best done by someone who has got a clear idea of what needs to be done – and I have.”

The complete interview.

Come on, Gordon. Do us all a favour, shut up and fuck off. Stop pissing in our ears with all this contradiction you come out with, as Evan points out in the interview, members of your cabinet have been voting against your ideas of transparency in the last year. If you were that commited to refrom you could’ve done so much more. But you didn’t.

Come on, do the decend thing. Call an election, then stand down and disappear into obscurity.

Also see Chicken Yoghurt: Gordon Brown: Of compasses and consciences (especially the last paragraph).

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