Left or right?

June 8th, 2009 § 0 comments

Are the BNP left wing or are they on the right?

There’s people on both sides claiming that the BNP is not on their side. To some, the idea that a party so abhorrent as these racist fucknuts can be on the same side as ‘them’ is just something that they cannot comprehend. It just doesn’t compute.

Some of the BNPs’ policies at first glance seem left wing, socialistic. Policies like rebuilding the countrys’ council housing stock, improving the NHS and renationalising national monopoly industries. Others seem conservative or right wing: the ‘restoration’ of discipline in schools (including corporal punishment) & basically taking the school system back to the 1940’s*; ending the ‘fixation on the rights of criminals’; pretty much the whole of their crime and punishment agenda.

*I might be a little out with the decade, but you get the idea.

Look a bit deeper into the policy at the wording, though and it all comes at the expense of non-white people. For any of their policies to work they have to get rid of whole swathes of people who they designate are not truly British.

The BNP are both left and right wing. They’re also neither. They take what they think is popular policies and feelings and adopt them adding their own racist spin on them.

Isn’t that enough to be going on with? Do you really need anything else to distance yourself from them? Are you such a complete twat that you need to keep repeating the fact that they are left/right wing hoping that people will take it in and equate all people of that stripe a fascists?

Are they big enough cunts that you’re comfortable with your differences to them, or are you a little insecure that people might not know you from them?

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