A foreign, anti-fascist, EU loving BNP member?

August 4th, 2009 § 3 comments

I went swimming in the turgid mess of the BNP site last night but dropped my mojo and couldn’t get it together to get some coherent thoughts down. Oh well. Shit happens.

I still can’t get it sorted but my mind keeps returning to this post (links to BNP site, but don’t worry, thay ain’t getting no juice). It’s small things but hey, so fucking what?

The author is Titvs Advxas. Why would someone wanting to defend his country from the cohorts of foreigners invading his country to rape and pilage it via it’s benefit system and at the same time take all the jobs, and women too choose to give himself a foreign name?

Titvs Advxas. If not a real Roman name, it’s at least one that has been made up in the old Latin style, complete with ‘v’ used as in place of ‘u’. Someone who has taken a name from a country that invaded Britain to take control of us and prop up it’s mother empire so the invaders didn’t have to work so hard wants to save us from other foreigners that want to use us to prop up their mother countries so they don’t have to work so hard.
Did the irony not stand out a little there?

I also found it a little odd that a member of the BNP would admit to liking Star Trek. It is, apparently a ‘brainwashing distraction’ and it’s premise is something the BNP and their ilk despise…

In the Star Trek universe, humans developed faster-than-light space travel (“warp drive”) following a nuclear war and a post-apocalyptic period in the mid-21st century. According to this universe’s timeline, the first warp flight occurred on 5 April 2063. This technological feat attracted the attention of the Vulcans, an advanced alien race, who then made first contact with Earth. Aided by the scientific and philosophical teachings of the Vulcans, humans largely overcame many Earth-bound frailties and vices by the middle of the 22nd century, creating a quasi-utopian society in which exploration and knowledge replaced material wealth as the human civilization’s central pursuit. Humans then united with other sentient species of the galaxy, including the Vulcans, to form the United Federation of Planets.

After a nuclear war, man, through his pooled efferts presumably, achieve light speed travel. Some foreigners come and say hello and change the native society forever, making them forget their history then join a big union with other planets. It’s everything, apart from the light speed bit, that the BNP are fighting against. Open borders, people treated as equals and being part of another bigger union with rules handed down from above. It is (real) socialism and the EU and writ large and Titvs is just bursting for the DVD box set. Might be prudent to expect a call from the BNP enforcers, Mr Advxas

Titvs starts the post rambling on about Neil Armstrong, then Star Trek just to try and make a link from the anniversary of the moon landings, which his post missed by over a week, to Fat Nicks’ ‘victory’ speech…

Nick Griffin’s victory speech, his now famous Dam-busters analogy, in view of that impending 40th anniversary, could equally have drawn references to Neil Armstrong’s words.

“One small step for (two) men, One giant leap for British-kind”

So. Commandeering a famous line from an event that has and is uniting the world (well ok, not quit uniting, but getting some good co-operation between countries) and twisting it via a commie utopian sci-fi to fit their own isolationist, racist agenda.

Nice work Mr BNP.

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