Compassion? Do we have any?

August 19th, 2009 § 1 comment

Al-Magrahi, the chap that has been convicted of the Lockerbie bombing has dropped his appeal against his conviction so he can be considered for early release on compassionate grounds as he has terminal cancer or could be transfered to a Libyan prison.

The Americans are up in arms about this and reckon he should be left to rot and most of the Scottish victims families don’t think he actualy did it. What a strange one.

Putting aside all the fuss about whether al-Magrahi is guilty or not and all the inter-nation dealings (Mandelson recently visited Gaddafis’ son), I think al-Magrahi should be released on compassionate grounds.

i) He is dying. He is not a danger to anyone.

ii) Ever heard of ‘taking the moral high-ground’? If al-Magrahi is released, especially on compassionate grounds, how does that make us look? Like a bunch of pussies or ‘Good People’?

ii) I don’t think we should be taking lectures on incarceration from a country that wants to lock someone up for up to 60 years for an offence that i) wasn’t about money, ii) wasn’t about power, iii) didn’t blow anything up or iv) didn’t kill anyone.

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  • Merk says:

    Apparently releasing al-Magrahi sends the wrong message!

    I just read someone’s twitter that said ‘there will be more suicide attacks because of this release’ – what? So more people are going to be spurred on to carry out terrorist attacks because if they end up with cancer we’ll simply send them home to live out their final unimaginably painful dying months.

    If that’s not an incentive to blow up a plane I don’t know what is!

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