TPA: Transparency Please, Arseholes

August 5th, 2009 § 2 comments

The Taxpayers Alliance…

The Gazette: Doctor is earning more than £380,000 a year

Doctor fucking-is-earning a fucking fat wodge of dosh! That’s what ot says isn’t it?

It was revealed yesterday that a GP in the NHS North East Essex area, which covers Colchester and Tendring, earns £380,394 a year.

The Gazette has tried to contact every surgery in the area, but none that responded admitted the megabucks medic is based there.

It is understood the figure may be the total amount earned by a practice, which would be used to pay the GP’s salary and the costs of running the practice.

Who the fuck is this ‘Gazette’? There’s no external link to anything. Is it TPAs’ ‘in-house’ bullshit spewer?

Who revealed this mystrious Dr is on over a third of a millon bucks? Someone at the Primary Care Trust? A ‘source close to a Doctor’? A dustbin?

If the figure “may be the total amount earned by a practice”, then logic also dictates that the Doctor ‘may not have’ earned a squillion quid, hmm? Eh? Maybe that’s the reason no one owned up to knowing Dr Loadsamoney?

Oh and btw, how much does the TPA bring in? And where from? Why the shyness?

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