Cupid Stunts

September 30th, 2009 § 3 comments

From the latest BNP mailing list updating their members on the Equalities Commission court case about their membership rules…

A few weeks ago we received an anonymous letter, supposedly from a CEHR insider, telling us that one of their senior executives had called a tele-conference in which he asked various members of staff to find ‘sympathetic’ members of ethnic minorities who would agree to try to join the BNP. His idea was that this would provide fabricated evidence of our alleged membership discrimination. CEHR would then use taxpayers’ money to fund their legal actions against us and the individuals would be rewarded by getting damages from us.

Scarcely able to believe that even CEHR would be so cynical, corrupt and desperate, we submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to establish whether any of this is true. Last week we received our answer: Yes, it is! We have forced CEHR to confirm that they regard this as a very serious matter and have already launched an internal investigation. We will be given more details shortly. Once our lawyers have these, a whole new line of counter-attack will be open to us.

*bangs head on desk very fucking hard*

If this is true, then stupid fucking cunts. What the fuck are the Commission playing at?

If you gonna play the game like that you make sure it’s deniable, non-traceable. For fucks sake, take the cloak to the dry cleaners and polish up the dagger. If you’re gonna make such basic mistakes as this, why fucking bother in the first place.

C’mon, CEHR. Get yer fucking act together.

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