If it looks like a goose and steps like a goose…

September 28th, 2009 § 0 comments

The BNP are not Nazis, Fat Nick tells us.

Well, if it looks like a goose, and steps like a goose…

Mike Bell, the midlands BNP organiser took a delagation to Germany to a rock festival organised by the NPD.

Who are the NPD, I hear you ask. PoliticalhackUK has a the answer…

The NPD is the National Democratic Party of Germany and has been under constant investigation by the German government for being a threat to the constitution – these nutjobs worship Rudolf Hess as a martyr to the cause

They wished Obama well for his presidency, announcing that he was elected by a ‘Jewish-Negro alliance’ and was out to destroy the white identity of the US.

Germany still maintains very strict laws about displaying anything relating to the Nazis – not a great surprise, to be honest. So when one of their local leaders – Jurgen Rieger – wore a Nazi uniform to be driven around in a Nazi staff car bedecked with Nazi propaganda, he ended up being prosecuted for this minor transgression. Rieger is now out to try to create a museum to the Nazi ‘Strength through Joy’ movement which extended Nazi Party control to leisure and travel in the pre-war years. He’s also been blocked from using a rural hotel to start a training camp for young wannabe Nazis – German police had to storm the building after gunshots were reported. Jurgen is reported to be a great admirer of Oswald Mosley.


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