My own little letter writing campaign

September 27th, 2009 § 0 comments

I don’t need to tell you about the shit that Tim has had to go through whilst investigating the Glen Jenvey/Sun/Jewish hit list story, do I?


Well, Tim has asked for a hand, writing to your MP about the behaviour Patrick Mercer.

Here is my letter, via to Dr Evan Harris…

Dear Evan Harris,

I am writing because I have a friend who could do with some help.

I’m sure you remember the story about a Jewish hit-list that appeared on an Islamic internet forum and was reported by the Sun newspaper. The list featured prominent names such as Alan Sugar, Mark Ronson and David Milliband.

The story was provided to be the Sun by discredited freelance spy Glen Jenvey and subsequently, it has been proved to be a false story. The Sun has now apologised.

It was my friend, Tim Ireland, that proved the story was untrue. In the course of and as a result of his work, in his free time as he is not any sort of journalist, in getting to the bottom of this story he has had to endure a lot of stress and worry. This includes being smeared as a stalker, being mentally unstable and a peadophile. Tim has had his ex-directory phone number and his address published on the internet and also had veiled threats against his family.

Nearly all the threats and smears are as a result of the actions of Patrick Mercer MP (Conservative, Newark & Retford) or his staff.

If Patrick and his staff had behaved differently, the whole ordeal would’ve gone differently and the threats/smears would’nt have arisen or at the very least, Tim would’ve had to endure them for a shorter time.

How you can help, Dr Harris, is to take the time to read the two following articles by Tim that will explain things better than I could:

and then ask Patrick Mercer what the bloody hell he’s playing at.

Yours sincerely

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