Tim Ireland, Patrick Mercer MP and a bloody disgrace

September 25th, 2009 § 3 comments

Maybe this is why proper, real journalists don’t do any investigating any more and only print what they’re told…
After all, if you were looking into a story and, like Tim Ireland, your reward was…

To be smeared, to have his mental health impugned, to be accused of being a paedophile, lied about, vilified, stalked, and finally his home address made public on the internet. He has had to involve the police.

with those that could and should help not do so, is absolutely disgraceful.

Patrick Mercer should be ashamed of himself, at the very least, and the Tory high command have done nothing about him. Not even commented.

Tim has had help from Richard, but could do with more.

Write a letter, spread the word

…reach out to your local MP and find out what they think about this. No mobs, just a few quiet, well-informed questions to a few MPs.

A “polite letter-writing campaign,” if you will.

It doesn’t matter which party your MP is from, but you probably needn’t bother telling CCHQ or any relevant/senior members of David Cameron’s cabinet about this; they were informed days ago that all this was going on, and they haven’t said or done a damn thing about it.


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