On Gordon Brown and his eyesight

October 12th, 2009 § 1 comment

What the fucks all this fuss about Gordon Browns’ eyesight?

Ok, it’s unfortunate that someone has trouble with an eye, especially after losing sight in the other, but unless that person is a bus driver, lab technician or has a sight critical job, what does it matter with regard being able to effectively discharge his duties?

It would be different if Gordon was in hospital having a check on his heart because of palpatations, then it might be excusable, but fucking eyes?

The cabinet and opposition have defended Gordon, which is nice, but they shouldn’t have to. If they are defending Gordons physical ability to be PM, as apposed to his actual skills and experiences to do the job, then who is barking on about it being a problem? The press most likely.

Stuff like this the politicians should tell the press to fuck off with stupid fucking questions, and the press themselves should stop asking the fucking things in the first place. Any excuse to smear someone, even when it’s irrelevent.

By questioning Browns ability to do a job with any real power, the ability of blind and partially sighted people to work are being called into question.

Although Blunkett may be a cunt and was a fucking nightmare of a home secretary, would anyone have dared to question his right to hold the position of home secretary because a dog tells him where to stand when crossing the road?

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