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January 8th, 2010 § 2 comments

I installed a network drive at home the other day.

The instructions said plug it it and then switch it on. So I did.

To get your XP/Vista machine to see it:

  1. Boot up computer
  2. insert supplied CD into computer and start it up
  3. double click and install an application
  4. open newly installed application
  5. If you want to map the network drive manually or automatically?
  6. fuck about for a while and then in the morning get screamed at by Mrs -O and sent out to die on the snowy roads of hell because laptop has mysteriously lost all it’s internet connections which are needed for Mrs -O to work from home.
  7. Call company tech support to fix laptop
  8. Leave laptop alone for fear of having my testicles cut off and stuffed in my ears

The procedure to get my Mac to recognise the drive is as follows:

  1. turn on Mac

I wish Mrs -Os’ work laptop was a Mac.

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