Why sir, what pleasant company you keep

February 16th, 2010 § 4 comments

If you don’t want to get yourself reputation for being a cunt, don’t hang around with cunts. It’s quite simple really.

I don’t prescribe to the thought that all Tories are shits. Misguided maybe, delusional possibly, wrong definitely. But when one of the Tory ‘approved’ bloggers goes about business like this, you gotta wonder.

Angry Slug (a.k.a. Unslugged) has the scoop

These three tweets were posted last night on Twitter by a blogger who calls himself “Tory Bear”. His tweets, and blogs, are generally a series of childish personal insults, smears and innuendo, but even he has sunk to a new low here.

Perhaps I am wrong, but I always felt that mocking politicians was fine, but mocking disability is just cheap and nasty.

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