Don’t want to vote?

March 15th, 2010 § 0 comments

Give it away, then. Let some one else make use of it.

How a nation deals with issues such as climate change, war, poverty and imigration don’t just have an effect in that nation. The vaery nature of the issues have an impact on other countries.

What the campaign Give Your Vote aims to do is give those people affected by, but cannot influence those decision, a voice.

If you intend not using your vote then you register with the campaign site and they will send you details of someone from Bangladesh, Afghanistan or Ghana and how they would vote if they were eligible and ask you to use your vote how they would. The press release also says…

The GIVE YOUR VOTE campaign will see:

The Conservative, Labour, Lib Dem and other manifestos launched in Kabul, Dhaka and Accra.

  • Local language campaign posters of Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg being pasted on walls across the cities
  • Questions on party policies from Britain’s new overseas constituents passed to UK candidates via their own constituents.
  • Afghan, Bangladeshi and Ghanaian voters in the British poll will vote by sending a text message on election day to a local number. A registered UK voter will receive a message telling them how they can carry out that vote.
  • In the three countries the campaign is called ‘USE A UK VOTE’ and will launch on 30th March following the collection of the first set of UK vote pledges.

Sounds like a noble thing. It brings the idea of a global democracy closer to a reality.

I won’t be using it, I know how I’m going to vote. I also have doubts as to how much real effect it will have. We shall see, eh?

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