A badly written braindump on brainwashed cheerleaders

April 9th, 2010 § 3 comments

Day two of the election campaign. Or is it three? It’s still early days, anyway and what’s already getting right on my nerves is the bloody party cheerleaders.

Are they brainwashed or something? They’ve never got a bad thing to say about their party of choice. Anything that one of their heroes does it brilliant or put the opposition in their place.

I realise that it’s part of politics, especially on Twitter, but it makes you look an arse. It really does. If you’re a member of a party sure, sing the praises of that party but don’t forget it’s faults or it’s history.

Labour might have done some good in the thirteen years it’s been in power, gay rights, minimum wage and erm, some other stuff. Yeah, well done. Have a big pat on the back. Then you get some twat on Twitter that comes out with the equivalent of ‘Yay! Labour’s the best party in the world!’ or some such tripe and I’ve gotta wonder what is going through that persons head. Because Labour/Gordon Brown/Harriet Harmann and the gang not only have done some good but they’ve also done some horrendous stuff too which seems to have slipped the brainwashees memory.

With the ‘so-and-so stuck it to them’ type of comment, is usually just rubbish. There are exceptions, but the cheerleader pounces on any minor thing and it brings the whole show down to the level of nit-picking and sniping. It’s not big, it’s not funny and it’s not clever. As I said earlier, it makes you look an arse.

Then there’s the ‘witty’, moral-booster. Don’t do it. Really, just don’t. The cheerleader will usually be over stretching themselves with the effort of a witty moral-booster. One I saw went along the lines of…

In a nuclear winter even cockroaches won’t survive but Gordon Brown will carry on because it’s the right thing to do!

I’ve paraphrased a little there, but there was the post nuclear war/nuclear winter scenario and cockroaches, which ok, given a bit of artistic licence, is ignorable easily enough. The part in bold is exactly what was tweeted. It doesn’t even make sense. Gordon will carry on not because he will be elected, not because he’s hard as nails but because it’s the right thing to do. WT & F? I realise it was Twitter, I realise it’s just supposed to be a bit of rabble rousing, but still. Because it’s the right thing to do? This particular outburst of joy and enthusiasm was a month or two ago, not even during this period of official electioneering.

If you want to do your party a favour, don’t be a twat and go overboard with the praise when something goes right, or someone says an amusing throw away gag or what ever. Be realistic with the praise. It doesn’t do anyone any favours. Use your brain instead and think for yourself.

Note: I may have mentioned Labour, but that’s because I come across their cheerleaders the most. Every party has them and I’m quite sick of them already. So nur.

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