BNP Manifesto GE2010

April 26th, 2010 § 4 comments

The BNP Manifesto is now out.

I intend to go through it and have a laugh at it. I’m not expecting to get it all done and anway, I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to do due to real-world stuff going on as well so I could really do with some help with it.

If you fancy picking a policy area to take apart let me know and I will stick a link in my posts to your post on it.

I’ve got a copy here (pdf), if you need it, so you don’t have to wade through the sewer of the BNP site.

Policies and excerpts to various posts are below the fold.

There’s twentytwo policy areas to choose from:

  • Defending Britain: BNP Defence Policy
  • What? Did I just read that right?

    … there were clear grounds to rescue people of British descent from the murderous regime in Zimbabwe.

    What that statement says is that they BNP are prepared to go into a foreign country and “rescue” citizens of that country based on their colour. Not rescue British ex-pats or holiday-makers but Zimbabweans because some of their relatives might have come from Britain. Would they have checked out the geneology of the people they would rescue? No, of course not. It would’ve been a case of the white man gets on the boat and fuck the rest. I’m surprised They’re not calling for Zimbabwe to be renamed Rhodesia as it used to be.

  • Immigration: An Unparalleled Crisis Which Only the BNP Can Solve
  • Environmental Protection and the “Climate Change” Theory
  • Leaving the European Union
  • Counter Jihad: Confronting the Islamic Colonisation of Britain
  • Renationalising the Welfare State
  • Freedom for All: The Restoration of Our Civil Liberties
  • Constitutional Change: Protecting and Enhancing Our Heritage
  • Democracy and the Media
  • Culture, Traditions and Civil Society
  • Time to Get Tough on Crime and Criminals
  • A Healthy Nation: Public Health and the NHS
  • Education for a British Future
  • Transport: Getting Britain Moving Again
  • Agriculture: Food and Fisheries
  • Energy: Fuelling the Nation’s Growth
  • Foreign Policy: Putting Britains’ interests first
  • Excess population? The muslims that have come to live in Britain aren’t ‘excess’ people from their own country. They haven’t been called in front of a local official, told that their country is full and handed a one way ticket to Blighty.

  • Housing: Sheltering the Nation
  • The Economy: Putting Britain Back on the Road to Recovery
  • Creating Local Economies
  • Pensions: Looking After Our Old People
  • IT and the Digital Revolution: The BNP’s Vision

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