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April 25th, 2010 § 4 comments

Does anybody want a hung parliament? We know they’re a bit rubbish and can lead to all sorts of sorry things happening and all sorts of good and necessary things not happening due to squabbles and back room deals.

We know all this. Stop fucking telling us. What are we supposed to do about it?

The electorate isn’t a single being that has one mind. We’re not all thinking that the best way to show the political classes how unhappy we are, with how Westminster politics has degenerated, is to give the third place guys some power and see what happens.

Some people will be party loyalist and will be voting for who ever is their parties candidate, never mind who it is. Some people will be voting for a candidate because of who he or she is, not what party they belong to. There will be some tactical voting, but it is not going to be on a large enough scale to affect the national outcome.

Personally, I don’t have any party allegiance, but my choice of voting for LibDem Dr Evan Harris is because of him as an MP. Not because I want to stick to Labour or I think the Lib Dems will save the country, but because of his voting record. But I shouldn’t be voting for Evan Harris because that’ll cause UK plc to go into meltdown. Apparently.

So. What are my choices? A tin pot party that’ll get bugger all done and wouldn’t know their arse from their elbow (which would probably be the prefered option according to Labour and the Tories if I wasn’t voting for them two) which is going to achieve nothing. Then there’s Labour who, well, look at the last thirteen years. Whatever good they’ve done has more than been undone by the bad bits.

And finally Conservative, To which I reply like this.

I’m not gonna vote in a way just to avoid a hung parliament. For a start who do I vote for? How do I know which party needs my vote to avoid a hung parliament? I don’t.

People are split and the result is most likely a hung parliament for many reasons, but because the people want it is not one of them.

If there’s a hung parliament, it won’t be ‘the peoples’ fault. It’ll be the politicians.

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