Tim Ireland: Still getting shafted by Conservatives

September 8th, 2010 § 0 comments

Since Tim Ireland uncovered that the source for a front page Sun story about a muslim hit-list was the very same chap who posted the idea on a muslim forum, whilst pretending to be a muslim, Tim has had his name dragged through the mud with despicable smears, had personal information published all over the place on the net, been threatened with physical violence and had any plea for help from the very people able to put a stop to it fall on deaf ears. All by Conservatives, or associates of Conservatives.

Well, it’s just got worse

Recently, someone involved in this ongoing campaign of harassment began publishing material targeting my wife, my children, and other members of my extended family.

This has included false accusations aimed at my kids, making specific allegations of criminal behaviour that are not only entirely untrue, but extremely damaging (and, it must be said, upsetting).

His bloody kids.

One of those involved is Iain Dale, who just tweeted

Hurrah. Am connected to the internet on my iPad. Praise be to Allah. Wonder what to do now….

How much of a fucking clue do you need, Iain?

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