Prayers in Parliament

February 15th, 2011 § 2 comments

I got bored of waiting for my comment to be moderated on this post about the suggestion that prayers at the start of the day in the main chamber should be abolished by Edward Leigh at The Cornerstone Group, so here it is in all it’s majestic glory…

they provide a short opportunity to meditate or even collect one’s thoughts at the start of the day.

Can’t you collect your thoughts before the working day starts, like on the journey in, or something?

Irrespective of one’s religious view, is three minutes in 24 hours too much to think about God, the creator of all that is?

Yes, especially if you don’t believe in a god.

Is three minutes too long for the members of the National Executive to pause and remember their place, their duties and their responsibility for wellbeing of their nation?

I should hope the members of the National Executive would be able to remember where they are and their responsibilities without having to stop everything they are doing and have a think about it for a while. Most other people don’t seem to have such bad memories.

Christians, I believe, must be prepared to stand up for their belief in public life. If they don’t, their views will fast be marginalised or driven out because they would be considered eccentric to hold them – even in a nation with a Christian heritage.

Oh, give over with the ‘persecuted Christian’ nonsense. It’s rubbish and you know it, unless you’ve been reading the daily Mail/Express.

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