Earhquake Karma

March 14th, 2011 § 0 comments

There really are some cunts about, but then this is the internet so you already knew that didn’t you.

Since the fucking huge earthquake in Japan a few days ago there’s some cunts tweeting and posting that the earthquake is Karma for Japans attack on Pearl Harbour. Lets put to one side that karma is actually bullshit itself (for evidence, look at how many wankers never get a come-uppance) and see why the fuck would an earthquake in 2011 be karma for an act done in 1941, 70 years earlier.

According to Wikipedia (because of a lack of time and although Wikipedia takes some shit for inaccuracies it’ll do for this) the total US deaths and casualties at Pearl Harbour was 3741 people. 3649 of those were military personnel. This was in December 1941.

Since 1941 Wikipedia lists 28 earthquakes, 16 with a death toll. All of them with a magnitude greater than the earthquake that hit New Zealand.

Of those 16 with death tolls, you get a death toll of 3625 and a ‘missing’ number of 1180 just from the first 3, which happened before 1947. In just the first six years after Pearl Harbour more people suffered in Japanese earthquakes than the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour.

According to the karmacunts, the Japanese had only just started their payback at this point.

But, still presuming karma is real, how do all these people know which disaster is the result of karma? Are all the earthquakes and natural disasters, like typhoons, due to karma? If not then how do these wankers know this earthquake is the one resulting from karma? Can a country be beholden to the actions of its’ past, where those that ordered and carried out the dreadful deed are in many cases dead, if not seriously ravaged by old age?

This latest earthquake has fucked over 10,000 people. Isn’t that a little overkill to restore the cosmic balance?

And I’m not even going to mention the two nukes the USA dropped on Japan.

Karma = crock of shit.
People blaming karma for the earthquake = total fucking cunts.

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