Selective military help

March 18th, 2011 § 1 comment

I don’t know about if the no-fly zone in Libya is gonna help or completely turn to ratshit. At least there is a UN mandate for it, for what that’s worth.

It does strike me a little odd (if that’s the right word) that our glorious leaders have jumped and scrabbled for this no-fly zone over Libya when it is an internal conflict between the Libyan people and Gaddafi and his supporters about who gets to run the place. It’s Libyans fighting about Libya. No one else is involved. Yes, people are gonna get hurt, in various horrible ways, but the rebels or opposition or whatever you want to call them have at least some weapons and are fighting back and holding positions.

Why, though, haven’t the leaders of the free world jumped at the chance to militarily help the people of Bahrain who have been protesting about their dictator? After all, they are not just fighting against their own despot, but their despot has invited his despot mate to join in fucking over Bahrains civil population in the form of the Saudi army.

Libya is a purely internal conflict. Bahrain isn’t. Aren’t their rules about this sort of thing?

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  • bobinchiclana says:

    I think they backed themselves into a corner when they called for Gadaffi to go… perhaps thinking he would just bow out. Now it looks like he might be able to fight back, alot of foreign leaders will not want to look like they misjudged the situation.

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