Dead Tossers: Osama bin Laden (added to ‘to do’ list)

May 3rd, 2011 § 2 comments

It’s been a while, but another tosser bites the dust. As I’m in the middle of something in the ‘real world’, a Dead Tosser obituary will have to wait. I’m sure Bin Laden can wait a couple of weeks.

Someone give me a nudge if it doesn’t appear in about three weeks, eh?

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§ 2 Responses to Dead Tossers: Osama bin Laden (added to ‘to do’ list)"

  • Earnestine Orengo says:

    It’s oddly expected that a lot of the celebrating Bin Laden’s dying can also be so delusional as to be saying things like, “America is the freest country in the world.” Price of 9/11? Several hundred thousand tops. Cost of looking for Bin Laden? We’re bankrupt. Which was his official goal. In death, he is even now triumphant.

  • retarded white supremacists says:

    Very nice site, I hope you will post more frequently :D

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