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It is a palindrome that occurs once every 100 years and has inspired an onset of global mysticism. 11/11/11/11 or the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of the 11th year has allegedly prompted the closure of the pyramids in Egypt due to a planned mass Masonic ceremony, inspired a Hollywood horror movie, imaginatively entitled 11-11-11, which sees the opening of a portal to hell triggered by the date, and inspired TV psychic Uri Geller to prophesise it is the “pre-encoded trigger and key to the mysteries of the universe and beyond”.

Are you holding out for any mystical events today? Does Uri Geller’s prophecy fill you with hope that the secrets of the universe will unravel before our very eyes by the end of the day? Are you interested in the numerical significance? Or is 11/11/11 most significant as Armistice Day?

Yeah, whatever but 11/11/11 isn’t even the fucking date is it? The date written in numbers is 11/11/2011. So it’s not even a palindrome. If you start abbreviating stuff you’ll find all sorts of shit all over the place.

Uri Geller? Does anyone take this chump seriously? Is the key to the mysteries of the universe really embedded in an abbreviated date on a man made calender that was started on an arbitrary date that someone long ago says a man that supposedly lived even longer ago, and became a zombie, was born?

11/11/11 is a moment in time. Counted up to in the only way we know how. That’s it.

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