Barking up the wrong tree

February 9th, 2012 § 0 comments

The Guardian

All dogs are to be compulsorily microchipped so that their owners can be more easily traced under a crackdown on dangerous dogs to be unveiled today.

How the fuck is that going to help fucking anything? The only thing it’ll do is help trace the owner of a stray dog.

If a dog attacks somebody then there is only two possibilities, either the owner (or person responsible) is going to be present or they’re not. Either way it won’t matter a shit if the dog is chipped or not. At the time of the attack the equpiment needed to scan the chip is not going to be present.

If the dog is a stray, it’ll have fucked off before the police or dog catcher arrives and everyone will be non the wiser as to who owns the dog.

If the owner is with the dog then they’ll either fuck off before the police turn up and they’ll have a description of the dog and the owner to try and trace them, or they’ll stick around and face the consequences. In either case having a chip in the dog will have been no use at all.

The only use for a chip is for identifying the animal in the case of a stray or a dogknapping. It is not going to reduce attacks or help find dogs responsible for attacks.

I don’t know the solution to the problem of dog attacks and ‘dangerous’ dogs, or if the problem is as big as it’s perceived, but a fucking microchip is going do fuck all to help.

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