Julian Lewis on teh gays

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Tory MP Julian Lewis on the lower of the age of consent for homosexuals…

When it comes to legalising practices that involve serious risk, I believe the higher limit should apply,” he said. “This is the reason we no longer allow 16 and 17-year-olds into frontline situations in the armed forces, for example.”

Lewis highlighted that “one of the criticisms commonly made of gay relationships is that very often they do not last”.

OK. Fine. Do marriages/relationships between 16 & 17 year olds last any longer? No, they don’t. If it’s such a concern about young people why not raise the age of consent for hetersexuals instead?

Good ol’ Julian. His bigotry is only out of concern for the youth.

A muslim in charge of religious broadcasting? Aaargh!

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The BBC has received 115 complaints over its appointment of the first Muslim to the role of head of religion and ethics.

Fuck me. It’s the white Christian minority being oppressed again by the fucking liberal Muslim appeasing PC brigade, isn’t it.

Aaqil Ahmed is a Muslim. So fucking what. When Songs of Praise turns into Prayers of Praise, or we start having Koran readings in place of Friday Night With Jonathon Ross, then maybe a few complaints might be expected.

Look at the guys history…

Aaqil has almost 10 years’ experience in religious broadcasting – first at the BBC, where he was deputy editor for documentaries at BBC religion and more recently as head of religion and multicultural at Channel 4 where he was responsible for commissioning (among many other programmes) Christianity: A History, Rowan Williams Meets … and the Bafta-winning Saving Africa’s Witch Children.

Hardly specialising in Islamic topics, is he?

There has been an athiest in the post previous. What’s the fucking difference? At least Islam recognises there is a god and Jesus (albeit as a prophet).

That’s what’s gonna happen in this day and age. Y’know, non-white, non-christian people coming into senior positions within organisations.

It’s not the end of the world. Life will carry on.

Death by Duncan

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Alan Duncan went on the offensive on Have I Got News For You on Friday (apparently. I haven’t seen it yet).

Miss California had made a remarked somewhere that marraige should be between a man and a woman and on HIGNFY…

Mr Duncan, 51, described blonde Miss Prejean as a “silly bitch”, then added: “I don’t agree with her at all.”

After a pause, he went on: “If you read that Miss California has been murdered, you will know it was me won’t you?”

This comment has given rise to some complaints. One of which…

Metropolitan Police received a complaint from George Hargreaves, the leader of evangelical political party The Christian Party whose members believe that homosexuality is a sin.

“Mr Duncan has crossed the line,” Mr Hargreaves said. “A senior politician suggesting, even as a joke, that it is OK that Miss Prejean should be murdered for her evangelical Christian views is totally unacceptable.

“How can we stop gun and knife crime when the man thinks he will be the next Home Secretary makes death threats?”

Nice to see you standing up for law and order, but where’s the crime?
Did he say the fragrant beauty queen should be murdered to death? Was there a call to restrict her rights and discriminate against her because of who or what she is? No. Alan Duncan joked about himself killing her, because I presume, her beliefs would impede on how he lives his life, which has no effect on how she lives hers.

Is the joking about killing her any different than preaching that homosexuals are going TO HELL!! FOREVER!!?

Hell is a pretty scary place, so I’m told. And a little less easily avoided than an irate Alan Duncan, too (if you believe those stories).


Shock News: The Vatican endorses homophobia!

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Can we start fucking over the Vatican, like we have done Iraq and Afganistan?

It’s obvious that Vatican City has been lead by a serious of religious extremists that dictate almost every aspect of it’s citizens life.

From making them eat fish on Fridays to controlling womens bodies with regard to birth control and more besides.

How can those barmy bishops deny being homophobes, for a start, when they do stuff like this

An Austrian cleric who said Hurricane Katrina was God’s punishment for the homosexual sins of New Orleans has been made a bishop by the Vatican.

The people of Vatican City need our help!

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