A muslim in charge of religious broadcasting? Aaargh!

May 15th, 2009 § 0 comments


The BBC has received 115 complaints over its appointment of the first Muslim to the role of head of religion and ethics.

Fuck me. It’s the white Christian minority being oppressed again by the fucking liberal Muslim appeasing PC brigade, isn’t it.

Aaqil Ahmed is a Muslim. So fucking what. When Songs of Praise turns into Prayers of Praise, or we start having Koran readings in place of Friday Night With Jonathon Ross, then maybe a few complaints might be expected.

Look at the guys history…

Aaqil has almost 10 years’ experience in religious broadcasting – first at the BBC, where he was deputy editor for documentaries at BBC religion and more recently as head of religion and multicultural at Channel 4 where he was responsible for commissioning (among many other programmes) Christianity: A History, Rowan Williams Meets … and the Bafta-winning Saving Africa’s Witch Children.

Hardly specialising in Islamic topics, is he?

There has been an athiest in the post previous. What’s the fucking difference? At least Islam recognises there is a god and Jesus (albeit as a prophet).

That’s what’s gonna happen in this day and age. Y’know, non-white, non-christian people coming into senior positions within organisations.

It’s not the end of the world. Life will carry on.

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