Poisoning prisoners in the park*

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Fucking criminals. Hangings too good for them.

What an easy life they have in prison. Spoiled they are. TV, excercise, three square meals a day. *We* feed them. Out of *our* taxes and they dare moan and whinge and complain when they get poisoned.

Never mind that they do not have a choice about where their meals come from, they should be lucky that they are getting fed at all. Fucking ingrates.

Half a million pounds of *our* taxpayers money. That’s what the wasters are going to get. Not each, thank Christ. but shared between 300 prisoners and “quite a few of the prison wardens”. So in reality that’s less than £1,600 each. Still, if you’re a prisoner that has been poisoned by some twat who can’t cook properly, that’s quite a windfall.

If those lackies had been on the straight and narrow they wouldn’t be getting any money at all. Who says crime doesn’t pay, huh?

*Writing this post brought to mind Tom Lehrer…

Bed & Breakfast curtesy of HM

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“It’s wrong to refer to the deductions as ‘bed and breakfast’ as they are made in respect of the costs an individual would have had to pay out of their net income on things such as a mortgage or rent.”

Said a Ministry Of Justice statement.

This refers to Warren Blackwell, who was imprisoned for three and a half years for a crime he didn’t commit and is about the compensation he is going to receive, thought to be about £100k, which will be deducted almost £7000 for expenses he would’ve saved on, stuff like rent and food, whilst in prison.

Did you notice the Doublespeak that goes with the Orwellian name of Ministry of Justice:

  • “…wrong to refer to the deductions as ‘Bed & Breakfast’
  • “…would have to pay…such things as a mortgage or rent”

    The Ministry of Justice has done an assessment and come to this figure, and will make the deduction because the compensation is “to put an individual back into the financial position they would have been in but for the miscarriage of justice, but not to a better position.”

    Now, I do not know Warren, so I don’t know whether he was employed or not or what his finances were when he went into prison, but I do know that he is married and has a 7 year old son. His wife has still had to pay a mortgage/rent, that doesn’t reduce when one less person is living there. How could the MoJ predict what Warrens employment status could’ve been during those 3.5 years of imprisonment? Three and a half years is a long time, most people do not know if they will still be with the same company in three and a half years time, or unemployed, etc so how the bloody hell is the Govt. supposed to know?

    Mr Blackwell couldn’t have been in prison, and yet he is having to reimburse the Govt. for his stay. The people who put themselves in prison by committing crimes do not have to pay a thing. If that is the way the Govt. wants to go, why not introduce two new schemes, Pay as You Go for occasional sinners, who will have a short stay every few years and Pay Monthly for the biggies that do years.

    There is also no mention of anything to compensate Warren for missing out on three and a half years of his son growing up, who was 3 when Warren went into prison, and is now 7. Those years can never be replaced or returned and children change so quickly at that age that money cannot ever help to undo the loss, but it would be a gesture.

    On a related note, Mr Blackwells accuser remains anonymous and has a history of falsely accusing men:

  • Has made at least five other fake allegations of sexual and physical assault to police in three separate forces.
  • Was married twice and made false allegations against both husbands – one of whom was a policeman.
  • Once accused her own father of sexual assault, but police concluded she had made it up.
  • Accused a boy of rape when she was a teenager, only for a doctor to discover she was still a virgin.
  • The CCRC concluded that in the case of Mr Blackwell, she had “lied about the assault and was not attacked at all, her injuries being self-inflicted”.

    Whilst this lady obviously has some mental problems, and Warrens has had a (relatively) good outcome, it is often not the case and the man has his life ruined and the woman remains anonymous.

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  • High Court will destroy Israeli democracy

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    Refering to the story I posted about below.

    Following a High Court of Justice ruling on Tuesday, MK Michael Eitan (Likud) warned that if the High Court of Justice continues to dismiss Knesset legislation, “the High Court will destroy Israeli democracy and the army’s defense capabilities.”
    Other right-wing politicians also castigated the High Court’s decision and called for legislative reform.

    National Union chairman MK Benyamin Elon said, “The High Court of Justice, which dismisses laws and doesn’t understand we are at war, is becoming on of Israel most substantial problems to Israel’s existence. The system must be changed.”

    Now where have we heard that before?
    Mr Elon has been listening to Blair going on about the public not understanding the terrorist threat and we need to have stuff like detention without trial, oh, I forgot, Israel already does that one doesn’t it.
    Maybe Our Tone has been watching how Israel does things…

    Part of Israel’s Racism

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    The Telegraph, 24/09/06:

    Israel has been accused of “blatant racism” by Arabs in the north of the country, who are being paid less compensation following the war in Lebanon than their Jewish neighbours.

    The Israeli finance ministry has begun giving handouts to thousands of business owners near the border with Lebanon whose incomes were hit by the 34-day war against Hizbollah.

    It has designated a “frontline” zone, up to six miles from the border, within which the owners are to be fully compensated for their losses during the hostilities.

    But four villages, whose residents are Arab Israeli, have been excluded from the zone, despite their proximity to Lebanon. Samuel Dakwar, a lawyer who is acting for some of the affected Arab businesses, said: “This is racism. I tried to find other reasons, besides discrimination against Arabs, that could cause a rational being like the finance minister to make such a miserable and irrational decision. I could not find them.

    Electronic Intifada, 11/10/06:

    The Arab-Israeli minority rights group Adalah has submitted a legal claim on behalf of the four Arab villages, demanding the government change its stand on giving them only partial, not full, compensation.

    “The Hezbollah missiles didn’t distinguish between Arabs and Jews, so there’s no reason for the compensation to do so,” said Adalah lawyer, Sawsan Zaher.

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