Poisoning prisoners in the park*

July 17th, 2010 § 1 comment

Fucking criminals. Hangings too good for them.

What an easy life they have in prison. Spoiled they are. TV, excercise, three square meals a day. *We* feed them. Out of *our* taxes and they dare moan and whinge and complain when they get poisoned.

Never mind that they do not have a choice about where their meals come from, they should be lucky that they are getting fed at all. Fucking ingrates.

Half a million pounds of *our* taxpayers money. That’s what the wasters are going to get. Not each, thank Christ. but shared between 300 prisoners and “quite a few of the prison wardens”. So in reality that’s less than £1,600 each. Still, if you’re a prisoner that has been poisoned by some twat who can’t cook properly, that’s quite a windfall.

If those lackies had been on the straight and narrow they wouldn’t be getting any money at all. Who says crime doesn’t pay, huh?

*Writing this post brought to mind Tom Lehrer…

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