A common person

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This is excellent.

Julian Lewis on teh gays

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Tory MP Julian Lewis on the lower of the age of consent for homosexuals…

When it comes to legalising practices that involve serious risk, I believe the higher limit should apply,” he said. “This is the reason we no longer allow 16 and 17-year-olds into frontline situations in the armed forces, for example.”

Lewis highlighted that “one of the criticisms commonly made of gay relationships is that very often they do not last”.

OK. Fine. Do marriages/relationships between 16 & 17 year olds last any longer? No, they don’t. If it’s such a concern about young people why not raise the age of consent for hetersexuals instead?

Good ol’ Julian. His bigotry is only out of concern for the youth.

Search Labour: Get Conservative

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I just had a look for Labours’ manifesto. As I typed Google suggested ‘Labour manifesto 2010’ so I went with that. A very poor show from Labour, I must say (click to enlarge) …

Nothing from Labour, who came in at seventh and a bit of a WIN for the Conservatives coming in with the front page of conservatives.com fourth and a link to the Telegraphs’ article about the Conservative manifesto in third place.

My thoughts on Mrs Camerons’ first webcameron outing

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Two weeks ago David Cameron signalled that his wife was about to take a much bigger role in fighting the general election. He said: “I think you’re about to see, in the election, a lot more of Samantha.”

And here she is.

Oh. Just fuck off.

Power to the people: A campaign in Mid Beds

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The Nadie Dorries Project has shifted gear – literally.

We have a plan, and the resources, to actively campaign in the constituency of Mid Beds.

The Motive

Right, that’s it; I am thoroughly fed up with the notion that Nadine Dorries can lie and cheat her way through a term and expect to keep her all-too-safe seat. The good people of Mid Bedfordshire need to be warned about the party-political (and often all-too-personal) games that Nadine Dorries plays using the power they afford her.

So, along with Dave Cross and Sim-O, I have successfully negotiated 4 weeks off work & family duties, and together we intend to campaign against Nadine Dorries.

Running as an independent is a mug’s game, and we’re not going to pretend for a minute that any of us are prepared to represent the people of Mid Bedfordshire as their Member for Parliament. Hell, we’re not even going to endorse any of the other candidates. What we seek to do is inform the good people of Mid Beds of the full consequences of voting for Nadine Dorries (if they suspect they’ll have a mind to).

The Plan: The Peoples Pamphlet

We all have our own ideas for what questions Mad Nad should be answering. Personally, I’d like to ask how many foetuses she saw ripping holes in their mothers’ stomachs whilst she was a nurse. But we need to realise that what’s important to us might not be import to the people of Mid-Narnia. Hence the need for the wiki. This afternoon we’ll be throwing it open for people to suggest questions for Ms Dorries. Once we have broad agreement on the contents of the “people’s pamphlet” we’ll lock the page and print copies of the pamphlet to be distributed in Narnia.

The resources

John Prescot has his Battle Bus, Jon McCain had his Straight Talk Express and now we have our Campaign Camper… the NadMobile!

It’s time for…


Update: April Fools!

The camper van and stalking stuff was a joke, all except for the Peoples’ Pamphlet… and maybe Daves’ camera authentication on the Wiki.

The Peoples’ Pamphlet

The relevant wiki is brought to us by the capable and clever Dave Cross (cheers, Dave):

Fellow Traveller’s Wiki: Home of the People’s Pamphlet

Anyone claiming this to be a personal attack of bile and vitriol is going to look a little bit foolish (not to mention dishonest), as it’s designed from the ground up to be as relevant and issue-driven as possible. The whole exercise revolves around deciding on the best issues to put forward, and the fairest (yet most effective) way to present them.

Transparency? The whole thing will be built/negotiated in public, which normally would give the subject plenty of time to prepare for any of the questions raised… but the difference with Dorries over many other MPs is that there are now far too many pertinent questions that she has gone to extraordinary lengths to avoid, and by now she cannot afford to answer any of them with any honesty.

So, unlike the baseless, childish and pathetic #kerryout attacks, this will be an issue-driven campaign that will be more transparent than anything that’s come before it.

Our saviour: The charities

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Instead of a big state, the Conservatives want a ‘big society’

“It is a guiding philosophy”, Cameron said, “a society where the leading force for progress is social responsibility, not state control”.

Hmm. Progress.

“It includes a whole set of unifying approaches – breaking state monopolies, allowing charities, social enterprises and companies to provide public services, devolving power down to neighbourhoods, making government more accountable”.

Charities, eh?

I think I see a teeny tiny massive gaping hole in his plan.

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Tory approved

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The Tories, eh? Nice and shiny and caring and nice and not nasty at all.

If they are as nice as they want to make us believe, then why are there so many shits on their approved blogger list?

Here’s another one from that list…

Apart from the outrageously high number of eastern Europeans who have flooded the city in the past few years, Peterborough is now an almost unrecognisable shadow of it’s former self. I happened to go into the city centre yesterday – the first time in around 4 months. As I walked down the street there were literally no English accents to be heard – and I mean not one. Groups of foreign ‘youths’ filed past the Cathedral, once resting place to Mary Queen of Scots, spitting on the newly laid block paving and chucking cigarette butts on the ground. For the first time I actually felt nervous and frankly rather scared to walk around a city I once called home.

‘Youths’? Wtf with the scare-quotes? Either they were young enough to be called youths or they weren’t. Unless they were old foreigners pretending to be youths. More likely, ‘youths’ is only the official word for them. We all know what they really are, don’t we? *winks knowingly*

And their dirty bastards, too, these ‘youths’. Fancy spitting, on new paving blocks as well! You’d never catch one of those nice Peterborough lads spitting, would you? They’re all brought up nice and proper like. Peterborough lads, when they’re smoking in the street put their fags out in the palm of their hands and put the dog end in a bin, or their pocket if a bin in not in the immediate vicinity.

TT titles her post ‘Labours migrant swan slayers’ but there is nothing about swan killing in the post, so by implication, every East European is tarred as a rabid swan muncher. Even though, the eating of swans is, well, bollox. (I will admit, though, I bet they are fucking tasty.)

No wonder Tory Totty felt nervous and scared. Probably worried about opening her mouth and revealing what shit she is.

Why sir, what pleasant company you keep

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If you don’t want to get yourself reputation for being a cunt, don’t hang around with cunts. It’s quite simple really.

I don’t prescribe to the thought that all Tories are shits. Misguided maybe, delusional possibly, wrong definitely. But when one of the Tory ‘approved’ bloggers goes about business like this, you gotta wonder.

Angry Slug (a.k.a. Unslugged) has the scoop

These three tweets were posted last night on Twitter by a blogger who calls himself “Tory Bear”. His tweets, and blogs, are generally a series of childish personal insults, smears and innuendo, but even he has sunk to a new low here.

Perhaps I am wrong, but I always felt that mocking politicians was fine, but mocking disability is just cheap and nasty.

Read the rest

Another Cameron poster

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Cameron poster

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(Click to enlarge.)

Get your own here.

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