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The new former minister of defence Dr Liam Fox has been cleared of anything serious by the report into his and his best man, John Werrity, concluding that national security and didn’t financially gain from the breaches of the parliamentary code of conduct.

There is one question that keeps appearing in the back of my mind, though. It makes me unsure if I’ve missed some thing, am socially inept or if it just hasn’t been mentioned.

If Liam Fox didn’t gain financially what did he get out of his arrangements with Werrity? Surely, it was a bit early in Foxs’ career to be paving the way for a job after politics?

All of us would help a mate out if needed, without asking for anything in return, especially as good a mate as Werrity is supposed to be to Fox. He was Foxs’ best man after all. But what sort of bloke puts his mates job and career on the line?

Werrity used Liams’ publicly funded office and shit for his own business purposes, had Liam attend meetings, and, I think, had meetings set up for him by Liam, and had business cards, which gave the unmistakeable impression that he worked in an official capacity for the then Minister of Defence (of which Fox, in my opinion, could not have been unaware of).

As I say, we would all help out a mate in need, but Werrity, from the outside at least, doesn’t look like he was in need of a bed for a few days till he got his own place, or a loan just to tithe him over until pay day.

So, with all the connections and other stuff Liam Fox was giving Werrity access to, just what did Fox get in return if it wasn’t financial?

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OU1. The new name for Beau Bo D’Or.


Here is a video he has made of most if not all his satirical images form the last 6 or so years.

Conservative Change Channel

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Get the inside scoop here and here.

Shifting responsibilties about

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Splintered Sunrise

Let’s say for talk’s sake that you are Mr Tony Blair. Let’s further suppose that you have in your prison system a foreign national convicted of 270 counts of murder. You can probably be confident that he’ll be out of sight, out of mind for ten or twelve years, but eventually his health is likely to fail him, and you might be faced with the question of what to do with a dying man, to whom it would be deeply politically problematic to give a compassionate release. What do you do?

If you’re a skilled politician, or a treacherous weasel, you might do something like this:

  • Sign a treaty with Colonel Gaddafi.
  • Include in that treaty a clause on prisoner transfers, which is realistically only going to apply to one man.
  • Devolve responsibility for this area to the Scottish government.
  • When the time comes, stand back and chuckle as Alex Salmond and Kenny MacAskill wonder how they ended up with this steaming turd of a decision.


Nick Robinson-Fuck Off

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Re: The discs of personal information of 25 million people that the fuckwits in the government lost.

The Daily Politics 21/11/07

watch the video.

At 9:20 Andrew Neil asks Nick what the mood is in government.

Nick answers that it is glum, and after some preamble he say ‘but a senior figure in government said (and all this is paraphrased) ‘it’s not like Westland, or the Conservatives disaster in 92, with black Monday, the miners, ministers found in bed, corruption etc’, to which Nick adds, ‘and I think that’s right’

All those things that happened before never left 25,000,000 people open to identity theft, that’s a completly different scale to a little bit of corruption, or sticking the junior minister in the oppositions cabinet.

So just fuck right off, I’m trying to consolidate my labels and you’ve gone and made me add another now, just for you.

Afterthought: The Daily Politics is a daily show (obviously) so the link might not work after tomorrows show. If it doesn’t, you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Update 22/11/07: Link disabled as the video it points to is the most recent one.

Iraqi Interpreters

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Finally been able to write to my MP:

Dear Dr Evan Harris,
You will be aware that there are some Iraqi interpreters that have helped the British forces in Iraq and now their lives are in very real danger.

They are in danger because they are seen to be helping the enemy, a foreign power that is occupying their country (that’s us, by the way) and now the UK is refusing to grant them and their families asylum.

These people will be killed.

The UK cannot turn it’s back on these people.

I urge you to do all you can to help them gain asylum within this country before anymore are killed.



You need to do the same.

1. Watch the video.
2. Write to your MP.
3. Let us know if you get a response.
4. Sign the petition
5. Join the list of supporters.

If it help the government make up it’s mind, there aren’t so many of them now.

Chavez Wins

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Hooray, Hugo Chavez has won a third term as President and despite fears of Manuel Rosales throwing a wobbler and shouting foul, has conceded.

Well done Hugo.

Opposition rallies in Venezuela

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The opposition candidate in Venezuela’s presidential elections has held a huge rally in the capital, Caracas, a week before the vote.

Several hundred thousand turned out to show support for Social Democrat Manuel Rosales, currently governor of oil-rich state of Zulia.

However President Hugo Chavez is widely predicted to be heading for victory and a third term in office.
He (Rosales) said that people wanted “modernity” and not what he called the “Cubanization of Venezuela” under the left-wing President Chavez.

Mr Rosales said that the president’s policies were creating “a new rich and more poor people… an elite that runs everything”.

So, the Venezualean people want to return to high levels of illiteracy, crap health care, and the states assets sold of to foreign companies then?

Bye Bye Rumsfeld

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Somehow, the news that Donald Rumsfeld has resigned completely passed me by yesterday.
Lenin has a posted a doodle with a rather good likness.

Rumsfelds’ successor, Robert Gates an ex-DictatorDirector Of Intelligence, probably won’t be much different in substance (oh, what a cynic), but we await to see how he delivers it.

The last quote from the NYT article linked above is nice:

Mr. Bush, meanwhile, was asked at his news conference how he could have been so hopeful of Republican victory in the face of polls predicting such serious losses. His answer seemed to reflect an irritation not with Republican candidates or strategists, but the public.

“I thought when it was all said and done, the American people would understand the importance of taxes and the importance of security,” the president said. “But the people have spoken, and now it’s time for us to move on.”

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