Opposition rallies in Venezuela

November 26th, 2006 § 0 comments

The opposition candidate in Venezuela’s presidential elections has held a huge rally in the capital, Caracas, a week before the vote.

Several hundred thousand turned out to show support for Social Democrat Manuel Rosales, currently governor of oil-rich state of Zulia.

However President Hugo Chavez is widely predicted to be heading for victory and a third term in office.
He (Rosales) said that people wanted “modernity” and not what he called the “Cubanization of Venezuela” under the left-wing President Chavez.

Mr Rosales said that the president’s policies were creating “a new rich and more poor people… an elite that runs everything”.

So, the Venezualean people want to return to high levels of illiteracy, crap health care, and the states assets sold of to foreign companies then?


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