Katie ‘Fish Slice’ Price

July 11th, 2009 § 1 comment

Katie Price, a.k.a. Jordan, is on the telly being interviewed by Piers ‘moron’ Morgan.


What the fuck is she doing on the fucking telly again? Why are people interested in this fucking person?
I realise that she is only doing what we all are – pay the bills. I also understand that the peole who keep putting her in magazines and on telly are also trying to put bread on the table. So can we please just ship of all the people that like this sort of thing to a remote fucking island planet?

What has she done? She’s had several kids by different fathers, got married and is now getting divorced. Along the way she has flashed her tits and got them made bigger, then smaller and also done some shit to her face.

What is so fucking interesting? She may have gone through something more than most single mothers because of Harveys’ problems, but she is not the only one and with the money she has earnt and still earning, she is in better position than most to be able to cope with it. There are thousands of single mothers and families that have gone through what she and Pete have gone through and would make a much better documentary subject too.

Please, everyone, leave Katie alone. Let her sink back into obscurity and do what she wants without forcing it on everyone else.

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  • Morris Chieves says:

    I think This “Celebrity Culture” is getting out of hand. Why are people so interested in these non entities. What have they ever done that is of any concequence that atttracts this type of adulation. It is completely beyond me.

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