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Here’s a thought, following what I know of Zionist logic. Just indulge me a little, would you?

Most people in Gaza supports Hamas, which makes them terrorists. Because terrorist Hamas supporters own homes and run schools, hospitals, the powerstation, police stations and other instruments of public order and civic life, all those institutions are run by the terrorists specifically for the terrorists to hide in and around.
This, of course, makes them and every other Gazan fair game for the Israeli military machine.

So instead of messing about dropping little bombs over Gaza and now sending in ground troops, in retailition for those unaimable fireworks being lobbed over the border, how about Israel just nuke the place*?

It’s not like they’re not killing children already and apparently they don’t want the land, just the rockets to stop being fired at them. Raizing the place would stop the physcal war in an instant leaving the Zionist clear to concentrate all their efforts on the propaganda war, which is what they’re best at.

Surely it’s the best for everyone. The civilised half of civilisation gets all it’s angst out the way in one big burst, mimicking the way the actual residents of Gaza disappear, rather than a long drawn out wail. Egypt gets the chance to be good Arab brothers again, as the memory of what’s seen by some as the betrayal of the Palestinians is slowly forgotten and as the West Bank is not on Egypts border, what can it do? Israel gets nearer it’s goal of eliminating the Palestinians, because jeez, they don’t give up do they? 60 years and still bitter. You’d have thought they’d’ve got bored by now.

As a bonus it would scare them fuckers quiet in the west bank too, wouldn’t it, eh?

* I know Israel doesn’t have any nukes. *Ahem*

/Disclaimer: this post is tongue in cheek. i know it’s not funny, but then I ain’t a comedian/

Selecting the targets

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The First Additional Protocol to the Geneva Conventions establishes two conditions that must be met for an object to be considered a legitimate military target: it must effectively contribute to military action and its total destruction or partial neutralization offers a clear military advantage.

Despite this, other statements made by Israeli officials in recent days raise the suspicion that the army is not maintaining the requisite distinction in its attacks in Gaza. Prime Minster Ehud Olmert stated that, “Israel is not at war with the Palestinian people but with Hamas, which has dedicated itself to acting against residents of Israel. Accordingly, the objects attacked today were selected with the emphasis on the imperative to prevent harm to innocent persons.” In an article published in yesterday’s Washington Post, a senior military official was quoted as follows: “There are many aspects to Hamas, and we are trying to hit the whole spectrum, because everything is connected and everything supports terrorism against Israel.” Major Avital Liebowitz, of the IDF Spokesperson’s Office, told the correspondent that the army had indeed widened its target list in comparison to previous operations, saying Hamas has used ostensibly civilian actions as a cover for military activities. “Anything affiliated with Hamas is a legitimate target,” she said.

These comments suggest that the operation in Gaza is aimed against every person and entity tied in some way to Hamas, even if they are not engaged in military action against Israel. An examination of the sites that were bombed in recent days raises questions regarding the legality of targeting many of them.

For example, the military bombed the main police building in Gaza and killed, according to reports, forty-two Palestinians who were in a training course and were standing in formation at the time of the bombing. Participants in the course study first-aid, handling of public disturbances, human rights, public-safety exercises, and so forth. Following the course, the police officers are assigned to various arms of the police force in Gaza responsible for maintaining public order.

Another example is yesterday’s bombing of the government offices. These offices included the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Labor, Construction and Housing. An announcement made by the IDF Spokesperson’s Office regarding this attack stated that, “the attack was carried out in response to the ongoing rocket and mortar-shell fire carried out by Hamas over Israeli territory, and in the framework of IDF operations to strike at Hamas governmental infrastructure and members active in the organization.”

These are just examples of what appear to be clear civilian objects attacked by the army. On the face of it, the activity carried out in these places is not military activity aimed against Israel, and the IDF spokesperson does not even make this claim. Clearly, then, they cannot be considered military objects in accordance with the provisions of international humanitarian law – they do not make an effective contribution to the military activity against Israel and the attack provides Israel with no militaryadvantage whatsoever, and certainly not a clear militaryadvantage.

Balanced? Bollox.

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Iain Dale:

Whenever I write about Israel it provokes some vile comments, even if what I write is balanced. I am a critical friend of Israel.

Iain Dale:

As you can tell, I support Israel 100% in their actions in Gaza.

Looks like the trip, payed for by the Conservative Friends of Israel is being repaid.


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Electronic Intifada:

Sirens are wailing on the streets outside. Regular power cuts plunge the city into blackness every night and tonight is no exception. Only perhaps tonight it is the darkest night people have seen here in their lifetimes.

As of this writing, more than 220 people have been killed and at least 400 injured through attacks that shocked the Strip in the space of 15 minutes. Hospitals are overloaded and unable to cope. These attacks come on top of the already existing humanitarian crisis that came about because of the 18-month Israeli siege which has resulted in a lack of medicines, bread, flour, gas, electricity, fuel and freedom of movement.

Look at me!

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Mark Steel:

To reinforce his image, his response to the thrown shoes was to suggest that Mr al-Zaidi was “just trying to draw attention to himself.” Yes that’s it. He might say it was a protest about the war and occupation, but really he’s an exhibitionist who was turned down for Iraq’s Got Talent so he threw the shoes as a desperate attempt to get on the telly.

Are you still here?

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Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni has sparked controversy by saying a Palestinian state would provide “a national solution” for Israel’s Arabs.

Politicians from the minority Arab community have demanded she clarify if it means that Arabs citizens will face loss of rights in Israel or expulsion.

Israeli politicians have long grappled with the issue of a growing proportion of ethnic Arabs in the Jewish state.
In remarks to school children broadcast on Israeli radio, Ms Livni’s said her solution for maintaining a Jewish and democratic state of Israel was “to have two distinct national entities”.

“Among other things I will also be able to approach the Palestinian residents of Israel… and tell them: ‘Your national aspirations lie elsewhere.'”

Translation: Fuck Off

Whatever way you look at it, it is a clear message to the Arab-Israelis that they are not wanted.
We think we’ve got problems with [anti-]immigration minister Woolas. At least he only wants to stop people coming in. All the top Israeli politicians want to get rid of a large swathe of existing members of the country. And nearly all of those can claim to be more native than the Israelis wanting to get rid of them.

Ban the bomb!

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Governments from around the world today began signing an international convention banning the production of cluster bombs…There will, however, be a number of notable absentees, including the US, China, Russia, India and Pakistan as well as Israel, which fired many cluster bombs during the 2006 Lebanon war

It’s a start


On award nominations

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Boston Standard:

Treo, a black Labrador, and his handler Cpl David Heyhoe, 39, of New York, have been stationed in Afghanistan for the last six months.

The duo are responsible for sniffing out hidden explosives to protect the other troops, as part of the Royal Army Veterinary Corps.

Now, through The Sun newspaper’s Military Awards, or the Millies, you can recognise their efforts.

Nothing wrong with a paper nominating anyone for a comedy medal that the armed forces don’t seem too keen on, then you’ve at least got to say what the nominee has done more than just their job.

And surely there’s someone more deserving that needs a mention than a fucking dog.

On Jezza and the Millies

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Clarkson in The Sun talking about The Millies:

I’M startled nobody has thought of doing this before.

It is like someone turning round and saying “God, I’ve just invented the plug for the electricity” and people saying “We’ve had electricity, but we’ve never had a plug.”

Oh, come on Jezza. You’re likening the armed forces and these tin-foil awards to electricity and plugs? A plug is an intergral part of an electrical appliance. The armed forces will work fine without these fake gongs.

It’s such a good idea.
Until now there has only been a very formal structure for awarding military medals and this is a great way of getting a wider audience.

A good idea for who, I wonder? What wider audience?

The truth is the military are very good at fighting wars, but very bad at telling people how they did it.

Maybe they’re not bad at telling how they fight wars, just they don’t want to tell how they do it.

This gives The Sun an opportunity to tell people what happened in a more exciting way.

Bingo! There’s the money shot. So that’s why it’s a good idea. It gives The Sun, not the forces, not the MOD, but The Sun an opportunity to bask in the reflected glory of the armed forces.

Its a pity that they don’t see it that way.

More on The Millies from The Sun Lies.

IDF will not be prosecuted for Reuters death

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[[image:shanacar460.jpg:Fadel Shanas’ car:left:0]]It was never going to be anything else, was it?

The Guardian:

Reuters has said it is “deeply disturbed” that the Israeli military has decided the tank crew that killed one of the news agency’s cameramen and eight young bystanders in the Gaza Strip four months ago will not face legal action.

Israel’s senior military advocate-general told the London-based news agency in a letter sent on Tuesday that the official report into the incident concluded that troops could not see whether Reuters’ Fadal Shana, 24, was operating a camera or a weapon.

In the letter to Reuters, Brigadier General Avihai Mendelblit, the IDF’s advocate-general, wrote: “The tank crew was unable to determine the nature of the object mounted on the tripod and positively identify it as an anti-tank missile, a mortar or a television camera.”…and the fact that Shana and his soundman were wearing body armour, “common to Palestinian terrorists”, as reasons for the tank crew being suspicious of his activities.

Some other things “common to Palestinian terrorists”: driving cars, travelling around in groups of 2 or more, wearing clothes, carrying things, eating and breathing.

Zionist cunts.

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