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Ever read a post that you wish you hadn’t?
Try LaysciencesTop Ten Bizarre Parasite Photos.

It’s eyes that make me squirm.


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It was my daughters 5th birthday on friday, so yesterday we took her and a small gang of her friends to Cotswold Wildlife Park to run around and look at some animals.
I ended up with a big insight into how the 5 year mind works. And basically it is stoned.

We went on one of those mini-railways that these places always have and, I’m not sure how I encouraged it, but ended up with four 5 year old children talking to me getting more and more surreal as the train ride went on. It was one of those conversations that you can’t get out of without being extremely rude, which is not what I wanted to be to my and my friends kids. Not one parent came too my aid either.

By the time the train stopped ten minutes later I had been involved in one of the oddest conversations I’d had since that time we caned a load of acid and worked out how to time travel.*

*Unfortunatley, when we all came down, no body could decipher the notes we’d made, although the diagrams were very pretty.

Taxi for Brown!

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The Daily Mash:

BRITAIN last night told the prime minister it was getting really quite late while making a big fuss of cleaning up the living room.
As Gordon Brown started yet another story about meeting Bono, Britain put its hand gently on his back and laughed saying, ‘well that’s just great – did you have a coat, by the way?’.


Hat tip: Justin

Nearly got him

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Israeli fighter aircraft were scrambled to intercept a jet carrying former prime minister Tony Blair

Mr Blairs’ plane had aroused suspicions after it failed to identify itself as a friendly aircraft.

It was only after the two warplanes had taken up an attack position that his aircrew used the radio to explain who the were and who they had on board

Just one slip of the finger, that’s all it would’ve taken. Just one slip…

Killing babies (last word on abortion*)

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I’m watching newsnight and someone in the audience asks a question about the abortion vote and it’s result and Francis Maude starts talking about how having to kill a baby (at 24 weeks) before it is aborted shows that it is viable and thus too late.

Let me say this one last time:

The baby is killed before it is aborted so that the woman undergoing the abortion doesn’t have to see the little mite struggling for breath (or whatever a dying 24 week old baby does) for several minutes whilst it does actually die, because it cannot independently survive outside the womb. Don’t you think an abortion is distressing enough without that fucking big bucket of guilt thrown at you as well?

The act of killing the baby does not mean a thing in the scheme of things, so shut the fuck up about it.

*unless someone else annoys me enough

PM press briefing from 21 May 2008

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http://www.number-10.gov.uk [re clusterbombs]:

The Prime Minister had issued instructions to our negotiators in Dublin that we should work intensively to ban cluster bombs that cause unacceptable harm to civilians.

Implicitly meaning that there are types of clusterbomb that cause acceptable harm to civilians.


The Prime Minister had asked the Ministery of Defence to assess the remaining munitions in use to ensure that there was no risk to civilians

With clusterbombs there is always a risk. They’re not exactly precision instruments, are they?


Asked for the Government’s position on cluster munitions, the PMS replied that the Government’s position was that there were negotiations on cluster bombs underway in Dublin at the moment, and we would not want to pre-empt those.

That is not a fucking position you fucker! A position would be “we hate clusterbombs and are not going to use them anymore” or ” Clusterbombs? they’re fantastic, we have bucket loads on order”. You don’t even say what they negotiations on clusterbombs are about. Are you bunch of cunts negotiating the price you’re gonna sell them at, how many each country can have or what they’re worth in swapsies, like Pokemon trading cards.

Get some fucking balls and answer question.

I am not…

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Nadine Dorries:

I am not a religious fundamentalist !!!!

I’ve heard something like that before. Now, where was it…?

Oh yes, here.

I’m not a Nazi sympathising anti-semite…
…but everyone I read and take as an ‘authority’ on Auschwitz is

*clarification: I am not calling Nadine a holocaust denier or anything like that, but look at who supported her campaign and who wrote the amendments…

The Abortion Debate

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Jenny Percival, The Guardian:

After an impassioned and heated debate, MPs are voting on Edward Leigh’s amendment for a reduction in the abortion time limit to 12 weeks of pregnancy.

As with the other votes, it is a free vote – MPs can vote according to their conscience.

12 weeks: MPs voted resoundingly against Leigh’s amendment by 393 votes to 71, a majority of 322.

16 weeks: Now MPs are voting on Mark Pritchard’s move to cut the 24-week limit to 16 weeks.
Another defeat for the anti-abortion lobby. MPs voted against Pritchard’s amendment by 387 votes to 84, a majority of 303.

20 weeks: MPs are now voting on whether to reduce the limit to 20 weeks, Nadine Dorries’s amendment.
Again rejected, a third defeat for the anti-abortion lobby – this time by 332 votes to 190, a majority of 142.

Disabilities:MPs are now voting on Nick Palmer’s move to force doctors to provide women seeking late abortions with up-to-date information about any disabilities their child may face.
It seems even Palmer’s amendment was unacceptable to the pro-choice lobby. His amendment was rejected by 309 votes to 173, a majority of 136.

22 weeks: The fifth and final abortion amendment is Richard Ottaway’s attempt to reduce the abortion time limit to 22 weeks. MPs are going through the lobbies now.
That’s it. MPs have rejected Ottaway’s amendment by 304 votes to 233, a majority of 71.

The first major Commons debate on abortion in almost 20 years has ended with the status quo.

The anti-abortion lobby has failed to change the law. The abortion time limit remains at 24 weeks.

So, after seven hours of debate, the only substantial changes to the law are new rights for single women and lesbians seeking to have a child through IVF.[my emphasis]

An excellent result I think.

Abortion vote: not quite live blogging

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I’m not going to to be able to keep up with the debate whilst blogging it, so I’m just going to pull out various quotes I hear and see from others blogging it.
(Don’t expect anything good, it’s more of an exercise for myself that anything else)

2033: Dawn Primarolo says stick to facts and not anecdotes

2035: Widdecombe asks what is the point of the lethal injection?
[What a fucking stupid question! It’s to kill the fucking feotus! The baby is being aborted, it is alive in the womb.]

2040: Primarolo states many of the reasons and figures i’ve read at MoT with regards to the survivability of the 20/21/22 week feotii(?)

2042: Phil Willis makes the point that the women having an abortion @ 23 weeks are actually showing themselves as many as 2 weeks earlier

2045: Mark Durkan – why the viability limit goes out of window when it comes to feotal defects?
Part of Dawns response is about forcing a woman to carry a baby until it dies in her womb. [Which must be pretty psychologically shitty?]

2108: Widdecombe – figures say backstreet abortions were dropping in the 10 years before the 67 act and carried on dropping at tthe same rate after the act because of education.
[So Annie, what does that tell you…?]

2115: Judy Mallaber brings the idea that dropping time limit may result in more abortions as woman will be panicked into having an abortion

2120: [ooh fuck! I gotta hang the washing out.]

2126: just got back in from putting the washing out and got Evan Harris explaining to Nadine why a baby is killed before it is expelled. [which is pretty obvious to everyone but Nadine].

2129: Nadine – Dr Anand blah Trent study blah bewtween 2002/2005 50% of 22/23 week babies survived. [really?]
“Mary Stopes, their study of GPs, I imagine it’s all GPs” [I bet it’s not]

2138: Dorries on public opinion, public wants 20 weeks.
asserts that Primarolo has been picking and choosing about which lives she wants to save

2140: Primarolo responds with an assertion that Nads argument is selective and and not evidence born.
And now Nads closes by quoting her chum Dr Anand.

2153: Sorry Nick Palmer but I sort of tuned out then.
Richard Ottoway sounds full of sense. For a woman to decide, and doesn’t want the woman condemned to bringing up an unwanted child and doesn’t want the child to be brought up being unwanted.

2203: speakers are repeating themselves and rushing now. The chamber is filling ready for the votes.

2205: Julie Morgan – if you don’t want an abortion, don’t have one.

2207: Oh shut up A N Widdecombe.

I’m signing off to watch it on the news now.

Bloggerheads – UK Libel Law

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The ball has started rolling…

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